Our Workshops

Workshops for Adults with learning disabilities and /or neurodiversities

Online sessions for adults 18 years or older, focused specially on adults with learning disabilities and/or neurodiversities such as autism. In this fun and interactive online sessions, members develop storytelling and performing skills while working as a group towards an ensemble production

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Interactive Storytelling for Nurseries

For Children aged 2 to 4. We offer story based drama workshops where we invite the young participants to experience a new adventure every session. Children explore and develop their creativity by becoming scientists in search of dinosaurs, crossing the ocean on a boat, learning about Greek Myths and flying to the moon. Adventures and fun never end. Offered in Spanish, English or Bilingüal

Workshops for Children

For children aged 4 - 12 years. Customised workshops that allow kids to develop and explore their soft and interpersonal skills in a creative and engaging way. Contact us to book one for your centre now!

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Youth Workshops

For youths aged 13 - 19 years. Similar to the aims of the children's workshops with more devising, acting and exploring of various themes.

Workshops for Adults

Thematic workshops that are customised to offer adults the opportunity to play and express themselves in a fun, creative and meaningful way while celebrating cultural diversity.

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Schools / Organisations

Having a group of students or employees who have a greater sense of belonging and a stronger connection to their peers, helps to produce better results in both situations. Click to find out how RootPrints Theatre can work with you.