Upcoming Events

Refugee Week is coming soon!

Join us during  17 - 23 June to celebrate the contribution of refugees  to the UK. We are participating by doing some of the seven Simple Acts You to help change the way we see refugees, and ourselves. You can also be part of this. It´s very simple, just check out refugeeweek.org.uk/simple-acts/ and join in! #refugeeweek2019

Refugee Week 2019

Past Events

Voices in Place Drama Workshop

Saturday 2 February 2019

International Workshop!

Our Co-Founder, Varshini Pichemuthu visited her home country Singapore and ran a workshop seeking to experiment with the accepted meanings of places and objects and the potential outcomes when we subvert such meanings.

RootPrints Theatre at Queen's Park Day 2018

Sunday 16th September 2018

Join us at 3:00 pm on The Bandstand at Queen's Park for a fun Process Drama Workshop! Get ready for an adventure!

Summer Drama Workshops for Children at The Granville

28 & 29 August 2018

Join us for a 2 days of non stop fun during the summer holidays! The workshops run from 10am - 1pm and registration is required. 

More details coming your way soon!

RootPrints Theatre at Queen's Park Summer Festival 2018

Don't miss RootPrints Theatre fun Drama Workshops throughout the day. We will be in the Activities Area from noon until 18:00, Come and say Hi!

Refugee Week 18 - 24 June 2018

We are gearing up for Refugee Week 18-24 June 2018! To celebrate Refugee Week’s 20th Anniversary, we will be doing some of the 20 Simple Acts #simpleacts You can do it too! Check out refugeeweek.org.uk/simple-acts/ and join in! #refugeeweek2018

(Picture by Nana Varveroppoulou)

Children's Drama Workshop at Hoxton Square Market

2 June 2018, Saturday

We are excited to conduct another Children's Drama Workshop at the new Hoxton Square Market as part of their official launch!

The theme for this workshop is 'Around the World'! 
We will also have some face painting starting from 11am. 

Children of all ages are welcome (We do request for children under the ages of 3 to be accompanied by an adult). 

Join us on Saturday morning!
Pay what you feel!
Bring your energy and let's get ready to explore the world!



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